The DSC offers many services to GC students. Here is an overview of some of the things we provide.

  1. Introduction to the DSC

The mission of the Doctoral Students’ Council (DSC) is to foster a sense of community among graduate students; reflect and encourage the expression of their diversity; develop reciprocal channels of communication among graduate students, undergraduates, faculty, staff, and the administration of the Graduate Center (GC); generate a space of discussion on GC issues; project the students’ voice in GC affairs; and provide students with valuable resources for advancing their professional careers and enjoying their personal time. The DSC is especially proud of sharing CUNY’s historic mission of providing access to higher education to low-income communities and communities of color in New York City and the nation.


The DSC believes in advocating for student power through shared and transparent governance. As the sole elected policy-making body of Masters’ and Ph.D. students of the GC responsible for allocating and distributing student activity fee monies, the DSC aims to represent students’ concerns to the administration. We are here essentially to provide students with space for community and opportunities to organize. To become acquainted with this year’s Program Representatives and At-Large Representatives on the DSC, go to If your program is not represented and you would like to learn how to establish representation, email


The DSC leadership, known as the Steering Committee,  is elected by and from the Program and At-Large Representatives, at  the annual May Plenary-Elect meeting.


  1. Getting in touch with the DSC

Stop by our office hours in room 5495 of the Robert E. Gilleece Student Center. You will find the office hours posted on, along with information about upcoming meetings, governance documents, meeting minutes, and information on services available to students. You can connect with the DSC on Twitter ( and Facebook (/, or by email:


You may also want to get acquainted with the DSC and the services it provides by contacting your program representative (, who serves as a liaison between the concerns of you and your fellow students in your program and the DSC as a governing body. Please be on the look-out for forthcoming information about DSC nominations and elections in the spring 2018 semester, particularly if you are interested in serving as a representative.


The DSC has a listserv, DSC-L, which any GC student can join and post to. Subscribe to DSC-L via or by emailing with a request to be added.


  1. Services

To receive many of the services the DSC offers, students are strongly encouraged to set up a DSC Works account. Creating an account is simple and can be done by completing the online form here:


Discount Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are offered at the GC facilitated by the DSC and the Office of Student Affairs. Registration for the first half of the Fall 2016 semester began on Tuesday, August 24th, but remains open until filled. Students must register in person at the Office of Student Affairs located in room 7301. Be sure to bring your student ID and a form of payment in order to register. Yoga classes are $20 total for 6 sessions, and Pilates classes are $35 total for 6 sessions.


Discount Movie Tickets

Discount movie tickets valid at any AMC/Lowes ($10.25) or Regal theaters ($8.50, plus possible surcharges), as well as the Angelika Film Center ($8.50) are available for sale to GC students. Up to 10 tickets can be purchased at a time and tickets must be purchased with a check or money order or through an online payment system in the office (PayPal or debit/credit card, which includes a handling fee of 2.9% plus 30¢ per transaction).  Buyers must have their valid GC ID at the time of purchase. The tickets can be purchased in the DSC Office (Room 5495/5497). Please check our office hours prior to buying tickets.



DSC Grants are available to support cultural events, conferences, performances, professional development activities, publications, seminars, and other projects organized by students. Go to for more information.


Legal Consultations

The DSC provides a limited number of free legal consultations to GC students. Consultations are for informational purposes only, and may cover such issues as lease agreements, divorce, domestic partnerships, child custody, and debt.  To schedule an appointment email issues regarding CUNY employment should be pursued through the Professional Staff Congress (PSC), Human Resources, and/or The Adjunct Project.)


Locker Usage

Lockers are available for student use in rooms 5409 and 5414 through a lottery system. This year’s lottery is open until September 18th. If you are interested in using a locker this year, please complete an online locker request here: Completing a request does not guarantee you a locker assignment for the year but you will be placed on a waiting list if you are not assigned a locker and may be assigned one at a later time. Contact with any questions.


Room Reservations

Two large lounge rooms (5414 and 5409) and a smaller conference room (5489) are available for student use.  An additional smaller lounge room on the fifth floor will become available in the near future for students to reserve as well. These rooms are for the exclusive use of students and DSC Chartered Organizations, and are intended to provide a space where activities organized by and for students can take place.  To reserve one of these rooms, submit a room request online:  Please be sure to check the reservation calendar before making the request, and review the reservation submission and room usage policies.


Coffee, Tea, Snacks, etc.

The DSC main office, 5495, is kept stocked with coffee, tea, various snacks, aromatherapy oils, and SADD lamps that are available to sign out. Free safer-sex supplies are also available. All students are always welcome to use this space and these services.


  1. Committees

Students who are elected to serve on the DSC may be nominated to various committees including the Constitution & Bylaws Committee;Grants Committee; Health Issues Committee; Outreach CommitteeStudent Services Committee; University Student Senate Advisory Committee; and the Governance Task Force.


  1. Chartered Organizations and Program Student Organizations

The DSC continues to support and fund about 40 Chartered Organizations ( If you would like to join a Chartered Organization, the current list of organizations and their contact information is available on the DSC website. If you would like to start a new student group, information on how to charter an organization is also on the website. Contact with any questions.


In addition, the DSC recognizes several Program Student Associations (PSA) that exist to amplify student voices in individual programs and strengthen the process of shared governance at the GC ( Students who would like to organize a PSA can consult the resources on the website, or contact with any questions.


  1. The Adjunct Project, The Advocate, and OpenCUNY

The DSC also charters and funds three  affiliates:

The Adjunct Project ( exists to improve the employment opportunities, situation, and status of CUNY doctoral student adjuncts and adjunct equivalents.

The Advocate ( is the student newspaper of the GC community.

OpenCUNY ( offers free web space for students, and advocates for students’ access to free and open source digital media. Currently, OpenCUNY runs an installation of WordPressMU.


  1. Upcoming Plenary Dates

DSC Plenary meetings are open to members of the GC and the public to attend. They will take place at 4:30 PM on the following Fridays in 5414:

Fall 2017
September 15
October 20
November 17
December 15

Spring 2018
February 16
March 16
April 20
May 18 (*4:30 PM and meeting of elected representatives at 5:30 PM)


Our plenary guest at the September meeting will be representatives from the PSC and the DSC Affiliates (The Adjunct Project, TheAdvocate, and OpenCUNY). All students are welcome to attend and bring questions.