The following two chartered orgs are about to be de-chartered because of three consecutive semesters of inactivity:

Crypto-Math Group
American Studies Area Group

However, if there is still GC student interest in the revival of these groups, we can work to re-activate them. If YOU are interested in taking up the leadership reins for either of them, please contact CCSA Charlotte (ccsa *at*

While you’re at it, please do sign some chartered org rosters: Chartered orgs, interdisciplinary groups run by students for students, are putting on some lots of student-run events this semester, from film and speaker series to festivals and day schools to reading/writing groups. For these groups to run, they need student support, which comes in the form of a roster that any registered student can sign by logging into Each group needs at least 20 student names on their roster to achieve “active status” and get DSC funding.

Thank you!