On December 13, 2017, the Graduate Council of the Graduate Center CUNY voted unanimously in favor of adopting a resolution against the proposed ‘program premium’ fee for master’s programs. The ‘program premium’ fee, as it had been proposed, would involve an additional $100 per course credit for master’s student programs, amounting to approximately $3000 overall during the course of one’s enrollment in the program. The resolution called upon the President and Provost of the Graduate Center CUNY to seek out other sources of funding rather than increasing overall tuition for master’s students.

The DSC will continue to advocate on behalf of master’s students in an effort to ensure that such a fee by any name is not implemented. We further believe that in the spirit of CUNY, requiring students in programs that are almost entirely unfunded is not a viable or sustainable means by which to ensure access to higher education.

Read the full resolution here.