The results of the 2017-18 DSC Participatory Budget voting process are now available! Thank you to everyone who voted and thereby took part in this initiative.

Three projects received the highest rankings according to the votes cast by the student body, and therefore will receive funds for implementation. These projects include the following:

Water Bottle Fountain (Award amount: $3000) – Received 27% of rank points
What is the project?: The project aims to fund the installation of a new water fountain that has the option of refilling water bottles with filtered water. 
Where is it taking place?: The water bottle foundation will be installed in a location accessible to students in the Graduate Center building. The exact location has yet to be determined.
Why is it justified?: The project holds potential health and wellness benefits for students by providing a free, healthy, and sustainable option for getting water.

The Student Column (Award amount: $500) – Received 21% of rank points
What is the project?: The Students’ Column aims to empower the GC student community by designating one of the columns in the GC lobby or another visible space as an exclusively student-managed space for free expression. Protective planks will be installed around the column to avoid damage. 
Where is is taking place?: The Students’ Column will remain in place for the whole duration of the Spring semester: January until May, 2018. 
Why is it justified?: Providing a material platform for students to communicate freely among themselves as well as with the institution and the visiting public, The Students’ Column will enhance the student body’s visibility and sense of agency.

English Lounge Renewal (Award amount: $2500) – Received 20% of rank points
What is the project?: This project aims to refurbish the English program lounge    with new couches, lighting, decor, sound technology, as well as spaces for storage and equipment for transporting furniture to make the space more welcoming and versatile.
Where is it taking place?: The project will focus on updating the English program lounge (Room 4406). 
Why is it justified?: The revitalization of the lounge aims to renew a sense of community and provide a welcoming space for students in other programs who attend events hosted there.

If you are interested in the Participatory Budget initiative or are considering submitting a proposal for a 2018-19 cycle and have questions, please email Pending budget approval, the deadline for proposals will most likely occur in the fall 2018 semester.