There are several ways to connect with the Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council (DSC) if you are a first-year student, or even a continuing student newly intrigued by the DSC.

If you want to come by during our office hours, please be sure to check the office hours calendar on our website first. If you are traveling a distance just for DSC office hours or have something urgent that you need to inquire about, please be sure to email one of the DSC Officers first. Our emails are listed on the website at the bottom of the home page. (Note that email is probably the best way to reach us!)

To place room reservations or submit grant proposals, make sure to sign-up for a DSC Works account online here: Once your account is approved, you will need to request to “reset” your password to claim your account and change the password.

We also have a Facebook, Twitter, and listserv which all Graduate Center students are welcome to join. If you have any questions or difficulty in joining these fora, please email