The Steering Committee of the Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council (DSC) endorses the “Open Letter from International Students.” We urge you to consider reading and signing at your earliest convenience.

The DSC has in the past strived to advocate for international students. During the October 19 plenary, the DSC voted unanimously in favor of adopting a resolution taking opposition to the late stipend payment to international students.

We extend our appreciation towards the authors of the open letter shedding light on the injustices experienced by members of our community in the hopes of making it a better and more welcoming environment.


Steering Committee of the DSC, undersigned


Alison Parks, Co-Chair for Student Affairs

Teresa Ober, Co-Chair for Communications

Raj Korpan, Co-Chair for Business

Roderick Hurley, USS Delegate

Anaïs Wong, UFS Liaison

Andrew Alger, Officer for Funding

Jason Nielsen, Officer for Governance & Membership

Ana Perry, Officer for Health & Wellness

Shoumik Bhattacharya, Officer for Outreach

Elena Chávez, Officer for Student Life & Services

Marlene Nava Ramos, Officer for Library & Technology