You or a friend and colleague may have recently been elected to a DSC leadership role! Congratulations!

What follows is a brief description of the positions/committees for which elections have recently taken place. More information can be found at, or you can email with specific questions.

DSC Program Representatives are responsible for attending DSC meetings once a month, submitting check requests for and spending departmental allocations (one each semester), informing students in their departments of DSC matters and concerns, and bringing information about student concerns to the attention of the DSC.

DSC At-Large Representatives attend monthly DSC meetings and participate in student government on behalf of the general student population.

Student Academic Appeals Officers sit on appeals panels of the Graduate Council Student Academic Appeals Committee and serve as consultants should the Appeals Panel wish to obtain information from a student regarding the program involved in the appeal.

The Student/Faculty Disciplinary Panel includes student representation and convenes to settle non-academic student disciplinary matters.

The Student Election Review Committee of the Graduate Center approves election procedures and certifies the results of student government elections and student body referenda.

The Advocate Advisory Board shall make recommendations concerning non-editorial newspaper policies to the editor-in-chief and/or the Steering Committee as appropriate. The Board shall be composed of the editor-in-chief, one member of the DSC elected from and by the DSCE at its May meeting, one member elected from and by the DSO during DSC elections each spring, one current or former chartered organization chair elected during DSC elections each spring, and one member of each DSC affiliate, except the Advocate, appointed by unanimous decision of the senior employees of that affiliate. The board meets 2 times each semester.

The OpenCUNY Board shall determine governance policies for the digital medium while respecting the following priority: OpenCUNY shall primarily serve Graduate Center students as their general digital medium and as a means of communication regarding their rights and educational, cultural, and professional interests. The OpenCUNY Board shall be composed of the OpenCUNY Coordinator and four members of The OpenCUNY Board shall meet at least twice each semester.