At-Large Representatives are elected from the student body as a whole: up to one representative for every 200 students or part thereof.

The duties of At-Large Representatives are to:

  • solicit the opinions of their constituency on student matters;
  • inform their constituency of significant events, dates and deadlines announced by and actions taken by the DSC;
  • attend Council meetings, or if unable to attend, send a proxy; and
  • attend Graduate Council meetings as alternates for student representatives in their program.

Current At-Large Representatives

Cecilia Salvi (Anthropology)
Leah Persaud (Biology)
Liza Shapiro (Comparative Literature)
Sean Kennedy (English)
Charlotte Thurston (English)
Jeremy Randall (History)
Carlos Cuestas (Music)
Claudia Pace (Philosophy)
Alison Parks (Political Science)
Patricia Sanchez (Psychology)
Jennifer Tang (Psychology)
Grace Kim-Lambert (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences)
Kyla Bender-Baird (Sociology)
Carlos Camacho (Sociology)
Dominique Nisperos (Sociology)
Hamad Sindhi (Sociology)