The Grants Committee awards funds for cultural events, conferences, performances, professional development activities, publications, seminars, and other projects organized by students from program standing or ad-hoc committees, Chartered Organizations, or ad-hoc groups not necessarily associated with programs or Chartered Organizations.

The voting members of the Grants Committee consist of

  • the Co-Chair for Business,
  • the Officer for Funding (chair) and
  • one to seven DSC representatives appointed by the Steering Committee,

with no more than two committee members from the same program.

Grants Committee Members

The current Grants Committee members for the 2020-2021 academic year are:

Christian Martinez (Officer for Funding; Chair)
Adam Kocurek (Co-Chair for Business)
Sonja Gandert (DGSC Representative; Art History)
Raj Korpan (DSC Representative; Computer Science)