CUNY Adjunct Project is hiring a paid Co-Organizer for Advocacy and Education! Applications due by Oct 15th, 2020.

The Adjunct Project is a horizontally-run, pro-strike organization, that believes that militancy from below is the only way to harness our collective power. We seek to empower GC student-workers by serving as a resource to raise consciousness about academic labor issues inside and outside CUNY, educate GC adjuncts about ways to address these issues, and activate GC student workers to improve their collective position as workers at CUNY.

The new coordinator will serve alongside two other coordinators from September 2020 to June 30, 2021, with the possibility of reappointment, and be paid an annual stipend of approximately $4,787.60 to be paid in monthly payments throughout the year. Applicants must be matriculated Graduate Center students with experience as CUNY adjuncts or adjunct-equivalent roles. 

Read more about the position by clicking here.

Ideal candidates should have digital organizing and advocacy experience.
To apply, email your application and cover letter to
Please do not submit applications directly to the Adjunct Project.