The DGSC is running its games night again this Wednesday, September 30th.  

If you want to join in, the list of games is below!

Last time was a great night and it is a good opportunity to meet and hang out with some of your colleagues.  Drop in anytime between 7:00pm and 10:00pm with the Zoom link below!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 989 0519 5120
Passcode: DGSCg@mes

Penny Press

3-5 Players3/5 Complexity40 minute play time.
Step into the shoes of a 19th news editor in Penny Press, a game in which you strive to become the dominant paper in New York City.  Dispatch your journalists to cover real-life New York City news stories and run your competition into the ground!

See the rulebook here.

Not Alone

4-7 Players
3/5 Complexity
Expected Play Time: 40 minutes.

In Not Alone, one to six players attempt to escape the clutches of a monstrous space predator – while one player becomes the predator and hunts them!

You’ll find a video guide to the rules here.
And a copy of the rulebook here.



2-5 players2/5 Complexity
Expected Play Time: 35 minutes.

P.I. is a pure deduction game, with players competing in three consecutive mini-games in order to see who’s got the best chops in terms of solving their cases.  
See a video review and walkthrough of the game here. Find a copy of the rulebook here.

Looking forward to seeing you there, and please direct any questions to !