The Advocate Advisory Board makes recommendations concerning non-editorial newspaper policies to the editor-in-chief and/or the Steering Committee as appropriate.

The Board is composed of

  • the Advocate editor-in-chief
  • one member of the DGSC elected from and by the DGSCE at its May meeting,
  • one member elected from and by the DGSO during DGSC elections each spring,
  • one current or former chartered organization chair elected during DGSC elections each spring, and
  • one member of each DGSC affiliate, except the Advocate, appointed by unanimous decision of the senior employees of that affiliate.

Advocate Advisory Board Members

The current Advocate Advisory Board members for the 2020-2021 academic year are:

Rafael Munia (Editor-in-Chief)
Vacant (Doctoral and Graduate Student’s Council)
Vacant (Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Organization)
Vacant (Chartered Organization Leader)
Vacant (Adjunct Project)
Laurie Hurson (OpenCUNY)