Student Academic Appeals Officers are elected by and from the students in each program during DSC elections each spring. Officers sit on appeals panels of the Graduate Council Student Academic Appeals Committee and serve as consultants should the Appeals Panel wish to obtain information from a student regarding the program involved in the appeal.

The Academic Appeals Officers for the 2016-17 academic year are:

Nadia Augustyniak (Anthropology)

Ana Perry (Art History)

(pending) (Biochemistry)

Jeannette Huaman (Biology)

Toby Moody (Classics)

Emilia Gambardella (Comparative Literature)

Allan Zelener (Computer Science)

David Topel (Criminal Justice)

Andi Cupallari (Economics)

Teresa Ober (Educational Psychology)

Wendy Tronrud (English)

Thomas Muzart (French)

Mariana Romo-Carmona (Hispanic-Luso-Brazilian Language & Literature)

Erin Cully (History)

Matthew Stuck (Linguistics)

Mohamad Hodeib (M.A. Program in Middle Eastern Studies)

Ahmed Ahmed (M.A. Program in Liberal Studies)

Jacob Russell-Madonia (Mathematics)

Kristofer Eckelhoff (Music-PhD)

Yuval Abrams (Philosophy)

Marcelo Nomura (Physics)

(Pending) (Political Science)

Do Lee (Psychology)

Darren Kwong (Sociology)

Vikas Grover (Speech-Language-Hearing Science)

Pamela Thielman (Theatre)

Robert Robinson (Urban Education)