If you would like to charter an organization there are three steps:

  1. Submit an official petition to the Co-Chair for Student Affairs. The petition must include signatures from at least 20 students. Students must represent at least 3 different programs; no more than one-third of the names may come from the same program. The official petition can be downloaded here.
  2. Email a one page constitution and a statement of purpose (in DOC, RTF or PDF format) to the Co-Chair for Student Affairs. The constitution should detail your group’s mission, proposed events, membership and how co-chairs will be selected/elected. The statement of purpose should, in less than 250 words, explain how the proposed chartered organization is not redundant with the mission of the DGSC or other currently-chartered groups.
  3. Once an official petition, statement of purpose, and constitution have been submitted to, and approved by, the Co-Chair for Student Affairs, copies of the constitution and statement of purpose will be distributed and discussed at the DGSC plenary and voted on at the following meeting. If the constitution and statement of purpose is approved by at least 2/3 of the DGSC representatives, your organization will be chartered and can begin claiming up to $300 a semester. Office space is available only after 3 semesters of being active.

If you want your proposed Chartered Org presented at the next plenary, send the above documents to the Co-Chair for Student Affairs at least two weeks before the next plenary’s date, to give time for the CCSA to review them, ask questions, and send feedback.

For more a detailed description of the chartering process, see Bylaw 5.3.