Each semester, the DGSC allocates funds to programs with representation during that semester. Program Representatives (after consulting with their constituencies) can spend these monies on anything that benefits students in their program. For example, program allocations can be spent on food and beverages for a party, to buy a microwave, a journal subscription, hold a mini-conference, etc. Only Program Representatives can authorize program allocation expenditures; faculty and administrators do not have access to these funds.

Allocation Formula

The program allocation is the greater of the following:

$200 or
$5 per student enrolled in your program.

Program Representatives can view reports showing allocations and expenditures to date. Please be aware that allocations are not calculated until official semester enrollment figures become available after the add/drop period for classes ends.

Claiming Program Allocations

Who: Only the elected DGSC Program Representative may apply for the monies, although checks may be made to anyone. NOTE: If your program does not have an elected representative, contact the Co-Chair for Student Affairs to see if you are interested in representing your program.

When: Program Representatives may apply for their program allocation at any point in the semester. Funds not used in the fall semester will roll over to the spring semester. However, funds are not carried over to the next academic year.

How: Program Representatives may claim allocations as reimbursements by submitting a check request.

Requirements: You MUST submit the original receipts (in English) in order to claim your allocation. Use these receipts as proof that the money was spent. The original receipts (and a copy of those receipts) must be, in total, equal or greater than the amount being requested, and must not exceed the remaining program allocation.