Each active Chartered Organization is eligible for an allocation of at least $300 each semester plus an incentive allocation. In order to be considered as active, an organization must have a current signature roster and activities report on file; see more info on the Maintain a Chartered Org page, or contact the Co-Chair for Student Affairs for more information.

If there is more than one chair for your organization, please discuss in advance how you will organize spending your allocation so that you aren’t spending more than $300 per active semester. And please remember that no check requests will be processed for reimbursement until a chartered organization has active status.

Incentive Allocation

In addition to its minimum allocation of $300 each semester, each active chartered org is also eligible to receive an incentive allocation of up to 100% of the regular allocation based on longevity, membership, and activity (all from the previous semester). Please see Bylaw 6.1.a for the details. The determination of activity is be made by the Co-Chair for Student Affairs based on the activity report about the previous semester. The Co-Chair for Student Affairs may request additional information verifying details of the report. The decision of activity may be appealed to the Steering Committee in writing and overturned by a two-thirds majority vote. Funds remaining after fall semester shall be made available during spring semester.

Claiming Chartered Organization Allocations

Who: Only the Chartered Organization leaders on file with the DSC may apply for the monies, although checks may be made to anyone.

When: Chartered Organization leaders may apply for their organization’s allocation at any point in the semester, but reimbursements will not be issued until the organization gains active status. Funds not used in the Fall semester will roll over to the Spring semester. However, funds are not carried over to the next academic year.

How: Chartered Organization leaders may claim allocations as reimbursements by submitting a check request.

Requirements: You MUST submit the original receipts (in English) in order to claim your allocation. Use these receipts as proof that the money was spent. The original receipts (and a copy of those receipts) must be, in total, equal or greater than the amount being requested, and must not exceed the remaining chartered organization allocation.