The DSC offers several types of funding, including


DSC Grants are intended to support cultural events, conferences, performances, professional development activities, publications, seminars, and other projects organized by students from program standing or ad-hoc committees, Chartered Organizations, or ad-hoc groups not necessarily associated with programs or Chartered Organizations. The event must be free and open—though not restricted to—all Graduate Center students. For more information visit the grants page.

The DSC does not provide grants for conference travel and research. Grants for conference presentations are administered solely by the Office of Student Affairs in room 7301.

Chartered Organization Allocations

Each active Chartered Organization is eligible for an allocation of $300 each semester. In order to be considered as active, an organization must have a current signature roster and activities report on file; contact the Co-Chair for Student Affairs for more information.

Program Allocations

Each semester, the DSC allocates funds to programs with representation during that semester. Program Representatives (after consulting with their constituencies) can spend these monies on anything that benefits students in their program. For example, program allocations can be spent on food and beverages for a party, to buy a microwave, a journal subscription, hold a mini-conference, etc. Only Program Representatives can authorize program allocation expenditures; faculty and administrators do not have access to these funds.


All DSC funds must be requested as reimbursement through check requests. Requirements and procedures for submitting check requests are available at