The DGSC lounges and conference room are for the exclusive use of students and Chartered Organizations. They are intended to provide a space where activities organized by students for students can take place. You can come in at any time; doors remain unlocked.

All students may use the two DGSC lounges on the 5th floor:

  • The Social Lounge (Room 5414) provides an open environment where students can interact on a social or scholarly basis. This room is equipped with a computer, projector, and DVD/VCR player.
  • The Working Lounge (Room 5409) is more suitable for holding roundtable meetings or for studying and interacting on work projects. This room is equipped with a computer, projector, and DVD/VCR player.
  • Lockers for short-term storage are also available in this study (click here for more info).
  • Both lounges are connected by a pantry equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, recycling bins, and sink.
Social Lounge (Room 5414)

Social Lounge (Room 5414)

In addition, two Conference Rooms (Room 5396 and Room 5489) are available for meetings of 15 people or less. Room 5396 is equipped with two couches, desks, and chairs. Room 5489 is equipped with tables, chairs, two chalkboards and a large monitor with a VGA cable input.

Conference Room (Room 5489)

Conference Room (Room 5489)


Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. It is strongly suggested that room reservations be made at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to your event. All requests must be approved by a member of the DGSC Steering Committee. Approval notification is confirmed via email; requests are not generally approved more than 6-8 weeks before the requested date. This is the ONLY official confirmation of a room request. No group of students may schedule regular reservations of a room more than once a week (see exceptions below). Groups whose name, membership and/or objectives are essentially the same may be refused multiple reservations under this provision.

Exceptions to room reservations policy: All chartered organizations active in the previous semester, DGSC Affiliates and programs with program representatives get one exception each to reserve rooms for large multi-day events, like conferences.

Chartered organizations active in the previous semester, DGSC Affiliates and programs that have representatives can apply for the following exceptions:

  • For an event at the request of their leaders, they can reserve 1 DGSC room over 2 days.
  • For an event at the request of their leaders, they can reserve 2 DGSC rooms over 1 day.

If cancelled two weeks before the scheduled event, the exception can be returned to the group.

Steering committee will have case-by-case review of groups’ requests at Steering meetings about any other requests. The Co-Chair for Student Affairs will be the contact person, and will have to first confirm that other alternatives have been considered.

Rules and Regulations for Room Use

  1. The contact person is the responsible party for the event, and is assumed to be attending the event. If at the last minute, he or she is unable to attend the event, she or he MUST give the DGSC the name of an alternate contact person who will be the responsible party. If the responsible party is not present, the DGSC reserves the right, in good faith, to request the group to vacate the room.
  2. Events or meetings in the Social or Working Lounges must be open to the general student body. If you need to have a private meeting, you should request the conference room.
  3. The contact person must ensure that the space is clean and in good condition at the end of the event. If the room is inadequately clean, or is compromised in any way, the DGSC reserves the right to deny all future room requests to that person and/or organization.
  4. All events must end at the time scheduled.
  5. No event may charge admission or issue tickets without the special approval of the Co-Chair for Business at least two months in advance to ensure compliance with University regulations.
  6. Events must be student-organized with a primarily student focus. Students may not reserve rooms in their capacity as staff members for programs, offices, or other administrative bodies, which have booking privileges through GC Room Reservations (
  7. The DGSC Executive Committee, in good faith, reserves the right to revoke any scheduled reservation.

Students are encouraged to visit the rooms in advance of their event to make sure it accommodates their needs. If extra chairs or tables are needed, students should fill out and submit an Event Planning Form to Facilities (x7730). Please notify the DGSC if you experience any problems.

Non-DGSC Rooms

Students may reserve space throughout the Graduate Center for events, conferences, meetings, study groups, and other student oriented activities. Reservations must be for student-organized events. Students may not make reservations for outside groups or charges will apply. Food and beverage in non-student public space must be booked through Restaurant Associates, in compliance with Procedures for Academic Events. Weekend activities should be reserved in DGSC rooms and are subject to approval from the Office of Student Affairs.