If you would like to have your program student government officially recognized by the DGSC, there are three steps:

  1. Ensure that your government has a ratified constitution that is in accord with the ideals of the DGSC and that at least one DGSC Program Representative is a voting member of it. More information on different possible structures for student governments and sample constitutions are available here.
  2. Submit an official petition to the Co-Chair for Student Affairs. The petition must include:
    • the ratified constitution of that student government, including a statement of the ratification procedure;
    • contact information for all voting and ex-officio members, including their names and email addresses, with the exception of programs in which all students are voting members, in which case only representatives and officers need be named;
    • evidence that the election of any officers or representatives was endorsed by a majority of students in that program; and
    • evidence that the petition for recognition was endorsed by a majority of the voting members of that government, which may include approved minutes or petition signatures.
  3. Once an official petition has been submitted to, and approved by, the Co-Chair for Student Affairs, copies of the constitution will be distributed and discussed at the DGSC plenary and voted on at the following meeting. If the petition is approved by at least 2/3 of the DGSC representatives, the student government shall be officially recognized as a Program Student Association. If the petition is passed contingent on amendments to the constitution, recognition shall begin once those amendments are made.

Recognition must be renewed annually by submitting to the Co-Chair for Student Affairs an updated constitution and the names, titles, and email addresses of newly-elected officers or representatives.

A timeline of this process is available below.


For a more detailed description of the recognition process, see Bylaw 8.3.