The Student Services Committee

  • promotes and evaluates existing student services provided by the DGSC and recommends changes as appropriate, and
  • identifies opportunities for new student services to be funded by the DGSC.

The voting members of the Student Services Committee consist of

  • the Co-Chair for Student Affairs,
  • Officer for Student Life and Services (chair), and
  • one to three DGSC representatives appointed by the Steering Committee.

The Committee can be contacted at

Student Services Committee Members

The current Student Services Committee members for the 2022-2023 academic year are:

Sayantika Mondal (Officer for Student Life and Services; Chair)
Silvia Rivera Alfaro (Co-Chair for Student Affairs)
Michael Williams (At-Large Representative, Psychology)
Itsue Nakaya Perez (At-Large Representative, Philosophy)
Abhipsa Shatarupa (Program Representative, Biochemistry)