Program Representatives are elected by the students in each doctoral and each master’s program not affiliated with or part of a doctoral program: up to one representative for the first 100 students or part thereof in the program, and up to one representative for each additional 100 students or part thereof.

The duties of Program Representatives are to:

  • solicit the opinions of their constituency on student matters;
  • inform their constituency of significant events, dates and deadlines announced by and actions taken by the DGSC;
  • attend Council meetings, or if unable to attend, send a proxy;
  • poll their constituents regarding use of program allocations and authorize expenditures; and
  • attend Graduate Council meetings as alternates for student representatives in their program.

Current Program Representatives

If your program is not listed here, it does not have representation at this time. Please contact for more information.


Kyle Fraser
Deborah Leter

Art History

Sonja Gandert


Andriele Silva


Katherine Anderson
Sami Sauma

Cognitive Neuroscience (M.S. Program)

Christian Martinez

Comparative Literature

Giacomo Bianchino

Computer Science

Felix Grezes
Bertrand Fredrick Ithurburn

Criminal Justice

Samantha Barthelemy

Digital Humanities (M.A. Program)

Pamela Stemberg

Educational Psychology

Fedor Marchenko


Sharanya Dutta


Edward Charnley

Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures

Silvia Rivera Alfaro


Alaa Sharif

Liberal Studies (M.A. Program)

Efthimia Johanides


Joseph Boninger


Michael Greer


Prathmesh Deshmukh
Saroj Chand

Political Science

David Monda
Milo Ward


Alexis Hardy
Roderick Hurley
Luke Kayga
Jennifer de Rutte


Edwin Grimsley

Urban Education

Lisa Millsaps-M-Graham