The Governance Task Force

  • reviews governance documents and policies at the Graduate Center
  • investigates reported infractions of governance and reports them to the DGSC and the appropriate committees of Graduate Council and
  • provides mediation, intervention, and advocacy in furthering democracy and democratic processes at the Graduate Center and CUNY.

The members of the Governance Task Force include

  • student members of the Graduate Council Committee on Structure
  • all members of the DGSC Executive Committee
  • DGSC representatives ratified by the DGSC Steering Committee.

When possible, a diversity of academic clusters and programs is represented.

Governance Task Force Members

The current Governance Task force members for the 2020-2021 academic year are:

Adam Kocurek (Co-Chair for Business)
Sharanya Dutta (Co-Chair for Student Affairs)
Roderick Hurley (Co-Chair for Communications)
Sara Ortiz (USS Delegate)
Natacha Powa (UFS Liaison)
Edwin Grimsley (DGSC Representative: Sociology)
Sara Chu (DGSC At-Large Representative)