All Chartered Organizations will have a status of either active or inactive for any given semester.

What is Active Status?

  1. You must show that your group is active by submitting a Chartered Organization Semesterly Report to the Co-Chair for Student Affairs by the end of each semester.**
  2. You must show the support of .5% of matriculated students, or 20 students, whichever is larger, via digital signatures of your Chartered Org Roster.

What is the Chartered Organization Semesterly Report?

The Semesterly (or Activity) Report includes:

  1. details about your groups meetings and events, including dates and times, descriptions or names, and funding and/or sponsors;
  2. a budget (or account of money spent) in that semester;
  3. the current constitution;
  4. and the contact information for your current leaders/chairs.

**Please note:

  • To achieve active status in the Spring semester: file the report from the previous Fall, listing Fall activities, and an account of money spent during the Fall semester.
  • To achieve active status in the Fall semester: file the report from the previous Spring, listing Spring activities, and an account of money spent during the Spring semester.
  • It is easiest to keep track if you submit the Fall report at the end of the Fall and the Spring report at the end of the Spring semester.

What is a DGSC Chartered Org Roster?

The Chartered Org Roster is a digital record of students who support continued funding of a DGSC-sponsored group. The number of required signatories changes each semester, but you will hear the new figure from the Co-Chair for Student Affairs once registration numbers are reported to the DGSC. Students can sign your group’s roster on

Why are they required every semester?

Everything we do in the DGSC operates on a semesterly schedule: program allocations and required roster signatures are determined by enrollment numbers which change from Fall to Spring, leadership of chartered orgs can change from semester to semester since people graduate in Winter and Summer, interest in and activities of any given group can increase and decrease in any given semester based on the work the leaders are doing, the weather, exam schedules, etc. And so, active status is required in order to receive an allocation on a semesterly basis, roster signatures being part of achieving that status.

Although this system may seem somewhat cumbersome, and some have argued that the roster signatures are useless since they don’t represent actual student members of any given group, the DGSC has a responsibility to administer where the student activity fee money is spent. Rosters are an adequate indicator of some support, which is necessary for allocation of this student activity fee money, since there are in fact chartered orgs that do not engage GC students enough to get the required number of students (most recently 20–such a small number!) to sign.

If you, or any students you speak with, have any ideas for possible change, please let us know!

For more a detailed description of the process, see Bylaw 5.4.