Is the grant for an appropriate event?

  • Is it being led by students?
  • Is it for students?

Are the applications using appropriate sources of money?

  • Did you request program allocations from your DSC Representative? (size of program taken into consideration)
  • Are there chartered organizations which could assist in funding?
  • Are there any other possible sources of funding to help?
  • The grants committee encourages applications with a comprehensive budget that includes all other sources of funding procured or sought by additional co-sponsors aside from the DSC. It must be made clear for which budget line items funding is sought from the DSC. A sample budget is provided below.

Is the event interdisciplinary?

  • This is not mandatory but is a giant pro when distributing DSC grant money.
  • Events that are solely insular to their program or chartered org can seek DSC grants but should also be using a reasonable amount of their own money.
  • For chartered orgs and smaller programs that are very active and go through their allocations quickly, the insularity of the event may not be a major concern to the committee.

Is the food budgeted appropriately?

  • What is being ordered for “reception?”
  • DSC grants can’t be used for alcohol so grants should specify what is meant by reception.
  • Grant proposal budgets can include alcohol as long as those funds are coming from another source.
  • Are you using Restaurant Associates? We prefer that you don’t, and the committee has voted to not approve DSC monies for the use of RA. Events can be held in spaces that require RA but then have the receptions moved to one of the DSC rooms that doesn’t require RA.
  • Is the food amount exorbitant? Did you just make up a number? Generally we look towards $7 or less per person per meal.

Is the honorarium judged appropriately?

  • Often a speaker will receive airfare, hotel fare, and an honorarium.
  • The committee should consider if anything is too exorbitant.
  • Normally plane costs and hotel costs have been accepted as is, but the committee may want to do research on local hotels and think of a max.
  • Honorariums are generally between $100-500.
  • Where is the speaker from? CUNY faculty (and visiting faculty) can’t be paid with DSC money!
  • Graduate Center students may not receive honorariums. Budget proposals may include a stipend for student performances at the event.
  • Honorariums must be paid directly through DSC. The Graduate Center Business Office will not process reimbursements for honorariums.

How many people are attending?

  • Is the amount requested justifiable for the amount of people attending the event?
  • Is the event open and free to all CUNY graduate students? Any portion of the event funded by the DSC grant must be open and free to all CUNY graduate students.
  • How did you figure the projected attendance?
  • If the event is for multiple days, how many people are attending each day?

What is meant by supplies, printing, materials, paper supplies, miscellaneous, etc…?

  • Be specific!
  • Are you printing here at the GC at a reduced cost?
  • Any and all event materials must be delivered to the Graduate Center, not to a personal address.

Do you have an advertising plan?

  • Check the guidelines for advertising requirements.
  • Did you include a mock poster? Is the DSC mentioned?

Where is the event taking place?

  • Is the event happening at the Graduate Center or off-campus?
  • Do you have rooms reserved already? The DSC has rooms you can reserve or you can reserve other rooms at the GC through your APO.