DSC Student Tech Fee Workshop Grant

I. What is the Student Tech Fee?


On 25th February 2002, the CUNY Board of Trustees mandated that a technology fee of $75 per semester for full-time students and $37.50 per semester for part-time students be charged to all CUNY students effective from Fall 2002. In 2008, the Student Tech Fee was raised to $100 for full time students and $50 for part-time students. Revenue from this fee is retained by the colleges to improve IT services for their students and faculty. Total revenue from the student technology fee [STF] was estimated at $22.5 million in 2002; with significant enrollment increase since, STF funds stand at $416,400 for 2103-14.


II. The Student Tech Fee Committee


The Student Tech Fee Committee at the Graduate Center consists of four student members [including the DSC Steering Officer for Library and Technology], three faculty members from the sciences, humanities and social sciences respectively and the chief librarian. The IT Vice-President (chair) and one additional faculty representative are non-voting members. The STF Committee meets twice every semester. In the last two years, STF funds have been used to install two new scanners in addition to providing continued support for hardware and software maintenance, library subscriptions, new software purchases, wireless access improvement and student printing [toner and paper]. For more information on the 2013-14 STF Plan, click here.


III. Student-Run Software Training Workshops


Beginning in the 2013-14 academic year, a portion of the STF has been set aside to meet the training needs of students using discipline-specific software [for example, Atlas.ti in the Sociology program; SALT in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences program], or even more commonly used softwares like Citrix and social media tools.  Since IT personnel do not always possess this knowhow, this set of grants will fund student instructors to run software training sessions. Grants will be awarded throughout the year on a rolling basis.


Sessions can be 1 or 2 days long, for at least 2.5 hours; be for a single program or address student needs across the GC. Suggested rate is $100/hour for the instructor. Thus, instructors will be paid at least $250 per day, and up to $500 for a 2-day training. Irrespective of the number of attendees, student instructors will also be reimbursed for the preparation undertaken for the session at a flat rate of $100  for the initial offering of a given topic.


To apply for a STF grant, please send in the following details to library@cunydsc.org and cc dsc@cunydsc.org with Tech Fee Workshop Grant as the subject of the email.


  • Software/topic to be taught:
  • Number of students expected to attend:
  • Room reservation: DSC rooms [5414, 5409 and 5489] are available for students. Use the online booking system here. Approval notifications will be sent via email. Computer classrooms and the MAC lab on the C-Level of the library can also be booked through IT.
  • Participating program (s):
  • Number of days of training to be provided [1 or 2]:
  • Additional Comments:


Please note that the DSC will assist student instructors in conducting outreach for their workshops across the GC and the wider CUNY community.


Applicants will be notified of the DSC’s decision in a timely manner.


IV. Reimbursement Procedures


  • Student instructors who are already on the GC Payroll [as GTFs or adjuncts] invoice the DSC for services. Include days and hours taught @ $100/hour, in addition to the $100 for preparation.
  • IT authorizes the release of STF funds by signing the invoice and returning it to the student via the DSC.
  • Instructors file for payment by presenting the signed invoice and other required paperwork to the DSC. See forms available in the folder “CUNY Payroll”.  
  • Student instructors who are not on the GC Payroll, please fill up forms in the folder “Non CUNY Payroll”.


For any questions, please email the DSC Steering Officer for Library and Technology (library@cunydsc.org) and cc dsc@cunydsc.org.