The Advocate Advisory Board makes recommendations concerning non-editorial newspaper policies to the editor-in-chief and/or the Steering Committee as appropriate.

The Board is composed of

  • the Advocate editor-in-chief
  • one member of the DSC elected from and by the DSCE at its May meeting,
  • one member elected from and by the DSO during DSC elections each spring,
  • one current or former chartered organization chair elected during DSC elections each spring, and
  • one member of each DSC affiliate, except the Advocate, appointed by unanimous decision of the senior employees of that affiliate.

Current Members (2016-2017)

Dadland Maye (Editor-in-Chief)
David Nagy (DSC)
Jennifer Prince (DSO)
Dominique Nisperos (Chartered Org Leader)
Sheehan Moore (Adjunct Project)
Laurie Hurson (OpenCUNY)