2017-18 DSC Participatory Budget Initiative

“I think there are a number of student needs that remain unfulfilled at the Graduate Center. Some priorities that I think should be considered for future projects include a bicycle storage room, an onsite gym, and phone charging stations. This process has made me optimistic […] in actually making a different for student life in our school. I suggest for future students who submit projects for participatory budgeting, that they seek to make a difference across disciplines and benefit everyone in the building.”

“I have a sense that the best thing about this [participatory budget initiative] is not the money itself (which helped, and motivated us to get started) but the fact that it opens a conversation with Facilities and Building Design and IT, and allows students to address some long neglected issues.”

If you are interested in the participatory budget initiative or are considering submitting a proposal for a 2018-19 cycle and have questions, please email dsc@cunydsc.org. Pending budget approval, the proposals guidelines will be announced in September 2018.