All meetings of the Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council are open to the public. To have an item added to the agenda, contact a member of the Executive Committee at least one week before the meeting.

Meetings are presumed to have an agenda consisting of approval of agenda, approval of old minutes, officer and committee reports, and new business.

A record of previous meetings, including their agendas and minutes, are available in the Minutes archive. Agendas for upcoming meetings will be emailed to all Representatives one week before the scheduled meeting date. Agendas will also be made available on the DSC website. To conserve resources, printed copies will not be provided at the meeting, so please read documents in advance and bring any you might wish to reference.

The following are the Plenary and Steering Meeting Dates schedule for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Plenary Meetings
DSC Plenary Meetings are generally held on the Friday of the third week in a month during the academic year. Unless announced otherwise and in accordance with New York Open Meetings Law, meetings take place at 4:30 pm in room 5414. Food and beverages will be served in the adjacent room (5409). All DSC at-large and program representatives are obliged to attend or make arrangements for a proxy.

Fall 2018
September 21
Guest Speaker:
Dr. Vita C. Rabinowitz, Interim Chancellor of CUNY

October 19
Guest Speakers:
SUM Research Initiative

November 16 (Fall recess: November 22-25)
Guest Speaker:
DSC Affiliate Coordinators of the Adjunct Project, the Advocate, and OpenCUNY

December 14 (Rescheduled from December 21)
Guest Speaker:
Dr. Joy Connolly, Graduate Center Provost and Professor of Classics

Spring 2019
February 15
Guest Speaker:
Matthew Schoengood, Graduate Center Vice President of Student Affairs, & Elise Perram, Director of Student Services

March 15
Guest Speaker:
Dr. Yun Xiang, Associate Dean for Institutional Effectiveness

April 12
Guest Speaker:
Dr. Martin Burke, University Faculty Senate Chair, Professor of History

May 17
Guest Speaker:
Dr. Joshua Brumberg, Dean of Sciences and Professor of Psychology and Biology

Information Concerning Attendance
If you, as a program or at-large representative, cannot make it to a scheduled meeting, please arrange for a proxy using the ‘Proxy Request’ form after logging in to Note that you may also appoint a proxy on a standing basis for all Plenary meetings. As per the DSC Constitution, “Any representative who fails to attend two consecutive regular Plenary meetings without arranging a proxy shall be automatically recalled and reported at the next Plenary and Steering meetings.


Steering Meetings
DSC Steering Meetings are generally held on the Friday of the first week in a month during the academic year. Plenary meetings begin at 4:30 PM in room 5414 or an otherwise available DSC room. Only DSC Steering Committee members are obliged to attend.

Fall 2018
September 7
October 5
November 2
December 7

Spring 2019
February 1
March 1
April 5
May 3