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  • Housing

    Some Housing Options for GC Students

    As fellow students, we can give you a few suggestions, which may be helpful to any incoming students, especially new to New York City. Most students of the Graduate Center CUNY, with the exception of those who live with their […]

  • Setting up GC email in Mobile Phone Mail Client

    For those of you who are starting to receive emails from your designated email accounts, you can set-up your device’s mail client to easily manage emails from your mobile phone. If you use an iOS device such as the […]

  • Join the DSC Listserv Today!

    Join the DSC Listserv Today!

    All Graduate Center students can join the DSC-L listserv. You can ask to join by either emailing or by signing up yourself at the online listserv management site here. The DSC-L listserv serves as one communication channel between the […]

  • Meet the 2018-19 DSC Steering Committee Members

    Meet the 2018-19 DSC Steering Committee Members

    During the DSC plenary-elect meeting held on May 19, the incoming 2018-19 Steering Committee members were elected. The new members include those appointed to the Executive Committee as well as at-large officers on the Steering Committee who are as follows: […]

  • 2018-19 DSC Participatory Budget Initiative: Not too early to start planning a project proposal!