Welcome to the DGSC virtual gallery, which features artwork and photographs by students from various doctoral and master’s programs at The Graduate Center.

Arianna Kuhn


I am a researcher at the Graduate Center finishing up my doctoral studies on the evolutionary history of Malagasy gemsnakes. My research looks into how these snakes responded to major changes to their environment in the past, which can be used to predict how species will resist extinction in this critically threatened hotspot. When in the field catching snakes for my thesis research, I also like to document and describe the unique biodiversity I encounter. – ariannakuhn.com
@PseudohajeSci (Instagram & Twitter)

Satyam Jha


To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life. – @satyamjha2.ai (Instagram)

Oriana Mejias


Afro-Caribbean woman from Venezuela, photographer, visual researcher.

Wendy Barrales

Urban Education

Wendy Barrales (she, her, ella) is an Ethnic Studies educator, artist, & founder of the WOCArchive, an intergenerational archive preserving the visual & aural stories of our BIPOC matriarchs, hermanas, & abuelitas. As a first-gen Xicana and daughter of formerly undocumented Mexican immigrants, Wendy works to center her family’s experiences in her research, community organizing, & classroom. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Urban Education at CUNY Graduate Center where her work explores the intersections of gender, race, & art through a women and gender expansive high school Ethnic Studies course she co-created with her students.

Ava Zwolinski

Psychology and Law

Zara Khan

Health Psychology and Clinical Science

Zara Khan is a self-taught artist practicing various mediums, such as acrylic and watercolor. Although she enjoys painting landscapes, she can’t ignore her affinity for creating abstract pieces. She has recently returned to her roots in NY to pursue a PhD in the Health Psychology and Clinical Science program at CUNY. – https://www.etsy.com/shop/artiquebyzara
@artiquebyzara (Instagram)

Devon Lundine


I am a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in the lab of Dr. Jill Bargonetti focusing on the molecular mechanisms of gain-of-function mutant p53 in triple-negative breast cancer. A significant portion of my thesis work uses cancer cells, and often the DNA within them, to investigate how and why aggressive breast cancer progresses. Some of the cells and DNA produce striking images that are aesthetically interesting and reveal the hidden molecular complications of everyday life. – devonlundine@gmail.com
@thegreatlundeeny (Instagram)
@greatlundeeny (Twitter)

Sam O’Hana


Sam is a PhD student in the English department, studying the economic and demographic contexts of 20th century US poetry.

Christopher Colon

Urban Education

Raveena Parbhudayal


First year biology PhD student. I’m interested in Microbial interactions in the gut. I enjoy taking pictures of nature in my free time.

Alice Roberts


Jui Chaugule



Ash Marinaccio

Theatre and Performance

Ash Marinaccio is a multidisciplinary documentarian working in theatre, film, and photography. She is dedicated to storytelling that highlights the socio-political issues defining our times with a particular investment in telling queer and working-class stories. Currently, Ash is a Ph.D. Candidate in Theatre and Performance and investigates documentary theatre, theatre in war/conflict zones, and precarity. Ash is the founding artistic director of the United Nations recognized NGO Girl Be Heard, a founding director of the theatre collective Co-Op Theatre East, and creator of the digital documentary series Stage Left, which is currently being screened in film festivals across the United States. – ashleymarinaccio@gmail.com
@introublewiththeking (Instagram)

This is a portrait project featuring students in the Ph.D. Theatre and Performance program at The Graduate Center. Photographed here are Jess Applebaum, Jaclyn Shannon, Cory Tamler, Jennie Youssef, Taylor Culbert.

Keyonna Hayes

MALS – Individualized Studies: Childhood, Work and Family Studies

Deborah Leter


All these pictures were taken during the 2020-2021 school year in Paris, France, primarily during lockdown.

Tiffanie Li

Cognitive Neuroscience

Tiffanie is currently in the Master’s Cognitive Neuroscience program at the Graduate Center, CUNY. On her free time outside of school and work, you can find her traveling, working on her fitness, and taking pictures using her iPhone and GoPro.

Mabel Gray

Earth and Environmental Sciences

I am a first-year PhD student from Amsterdam, researching meteorites and their contribution to the origin of life on Earth. In my free time, I love to take photographs. – mabelgray94@gmail.com @mabel_louise (Instagram)

Lacy Telles

MALS-Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

I am a reader, a writer, a photographer, a baker, a wife, a student, a biker, a snowboarder, a sister, a mystery lover, a mom, and a letter writer.

Alana Pagano

Political Science

Alana Pagano is a first-year doctoral student in Political Science. She is interested in studying theories of state violence, policing, and loss, with a focus on the relationship between military and policing institutions. – apagano1@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Sheryl Williams

Data Analysis and Visualization

@sherious.ly (Instagram)

The photos taken in this series are part of an ongoing travel project to capture local women in everyday life.

Nat Tur



Dustin Zuelke


@Zuelked (Twitter)

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