Students wanting access to a fitness center may use one these facilities at a discounted rate. In addition, adjuncts may often use the fitness center where they teach; see your campus for more information.

Baruch Fitness Center

The Baruch Fitness Center is available to all matriculated students of the Graduate Center for $100 annual fee. A Baruch Fitness Center ID is required.

Steps to obtaining a Baruch Fitness Center ID:

  1. Get a letter from the Registrar stating that you are a matriculated GC student.
  2. Take the letter to the Baruch Fitness Center Office.
  3. Your picture will be taken.
  4. Payment of $100 (check only) will be requested.
  5. You will receive a picture ID.

Read the Advocate story here for more information.

John Jay College Cardiovascular Fitness Center

Graduate Center students are also welcome to use the John Jay College Cardiovascular Fitness Center (899 Tenth Avenue, Suite 601) for a $275 annual fee (half-year membership is available for $137.50). For John Jay, students must first have a physical examination ($25 on-site exams are available twice a year). For further information, contact Ron Goss at 212.237.8367. Medical Referral forms can be downloaded here.