On October 20, 2017, the Doctoral Students’ Council unanimously agreed to adopt a resolution against the Student Activity Fee Policy Revision. The resolution was formed following news that the CUNY Central Administration had recommended that the CUNY Board of Trustees grant authority to CUNY Central Office of Student Affairs to and the CUNY Central Office of the General Counsel to conduct a comprehensive review and audit of the student activity fee infrastructure throughout all of the CUNY colleges. The resolution calls upon the Board of Trustees to form a task force to address concerns about spending of student activity fee monies that comprises both students and faculty. Specifically, the resolution “calls on the CUNY Board of Trustees to […] establish a CUNY Student Activity Fee Task Force consisting of 12 members:

  • the University Student Senate Chairperson, as a co-chair of the task force, 5 students appointed by the USS Chairperson.
  • 1 faculty representatives appointed by the University Faculty Senate Chairperson,
  • 1 campus student life director, appointed by the council of student life directors,
  • 1 representative appointed by the General Council’s Office,
  • 1 representative appointed by the Central Office of Student Affairs,
  • 1 representative appointed by the Office of Budget and Finance, and
  • 1 representative from a CUNY College Association appointed by the Chancellor that will work with COSA and OGC to achieve all mandates set by the Board […]”

You may find the full text of the resolution here.