On December 12, the Graduate Council of the Graduate Center CUNY voted in favoring of adopting a resolution regarding the Presidential Search for the Graduate Center. The full text of the resolution appears below:

Resolution on the Hiring Procedures for the New President of the Graduate Center

WHEREAS, the Graduate Council of the Graduate School of the Graduate School and University Center (hereafter, the “Graduate Center”), comprised of elected faculty and student representatives, aims to uphold the diverse interests of the faculty and students of the Graduate Center; and

WHEREAS, it is the duty of the President of the Graduate Center to serve these interests in the role as the chief academic and administrative officer; and

WHEREAS, the faculty and students of the Graduate Center belong to broader communities of academics within their respective disciplines, which places them in a unique position within the City University of New York (hereafter, “CUNY”) to contribute to the academic excellence of this institution; and

WHEREAS, the Graduate Center’s governance documents represent a commitment to shared governance and transparency; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, the Graduate Council urges the Chancellor, Chairperson of Board of Trustees, and the Chair of the Board Committee on Faculty, Staff, and Administration to follow, without exception, the “Guidelines for Presidential Searches” set forth by ARTICLE II, Policy 2.12, Presidential Searches[1] of the CUNY Manual of General Policy, which include public advertising for the position, college visits by selected candidates, and meetings with select community members.


[1] http://policy.cuny.edu/policyimport/manual_of_general_policy/article_ii/policy_2.12/procedures/text/index.html