The CUNY DSC Knowledge Grant fund is a temporary funding source for projects produced by GC students that will build archival information or enhance the institutional knowledge or memory of the DSC, the GC, or CUNY. Successful projects will bring long-term benefit to Graduate Center students by recovering, preserving, or creating significant institutional history. Items produced will be used, shared, and/or witnessed by Graduate Center students for years to come or have lasting effects at the GC. Original ideas and approaches are encouraged.

Who can apply?:

Program Student Associations, chartered organizations, DSC affiliates, groups of Graduate Center students, and individual Graduate Center students are all eligible to apply.

Types of possible projects:

  • Documents (Historic, Legal, Informational)
  • Databases (Resources/Information)
  • Objects or inventions
  • Art
  • Videos
  • Campaigns
  • Apps

What can the grant money go towards?:

  • A small stipend for labor costs
  • Supplies
  • Event costs for the presentation or dissemination of the end result
  • Archive or other data access costs (excluding printing)
  • Expert consultation fees
  • Other relevant expenses

Grant Submission Guidelines:

Please submit a one page description of the project, a line item budget, and a description of how this project will benefit the DSC, the GC, and/or CUNY as a whole.  Project budgets should fall well below $1000 but we will consider projects with larger anticipated budgets. All monies that are awarded to any project must be spent by June 30th, 2015.  Submissions should be emailed to with “DSC Knowledge Grants” in the subject line.

CUNY DSC Knowledge Grants are not intended to be used for conference, travel, or research-related expenses.  These grants are not for profit-generating endeavors.  They are also not synonymous with our normal event-based grants which can be applied for here.

Grants are reviewed on a rolling basis until May 15th, 2015, by a five person committee made up of DSC Steering Committee members and DSC Representatives.