The DSC Steering Committee opposes the proposed PSC agreement announced last week. While we celebrate the fact that some of the DSC’s perennial grievances are being acknowledged, this proposed agreement falls far short of demands the DSC has made in the past for tuition remission and healthcare coverage for both master’s and doctoral students.

Given that many GC students are also CUNY adjuncts, and that the DSC supports the adjunct demand for 7k, we are especially concerned that the proposed agreement does not bring adjunct pay anywhere close to the $7000 per 3-credit course required for a living wage in NYC in 2019. In addition, the lack of increased public funding for CUNY raises fears that the adjunct pay increases may be funded by budget cuts and tuition hikes.

The DSC Steering Committee encourages you to communicate your questions and concerns about this proposed agreement to the leadership of the GC chapter of the PSC. Please find the complete DSC Steering Committee statement here.