The elections ballot for 2020-2021 Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council leadership positions opens today (April 1) and will remain open through May 15, 2020. The polls will close promptly at 11:59 PM on May 15th, so please be sure to submit your votes before then.

There are two constitutional amendments presented in the election ballot for ratification by the Graduate Center student body. These amendments were unanimously approved by the Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council (DSC) at the February plenary meeting and now require your vote to help with their ratification! 

The amendment to Article I of the DSC Constitution updates the acronyms of the Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Organization and Council to DGSO and DGSC respectively. The amendment to Article III.3.2 of the DSC Constitution removes references to “the Graduate Center Archives” (which no longer exist) from the duties of the Co-Chair for Communications. For more information about the amendments to the constitution, visit:

Exercise your right to vote!

Please take a few minutes to vote for next year’s Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council’s representatives, including representatives for your program and the advisory boards to OpenCUNY and The Advocate.
The ballot will be accessible online through the following link:

Username = EMPLID (CUNYFirst ID)
Password (all lowercase) = first initial + last initial + 4-digit year of birth

Login instructions are also provided on the login page. All currently enrolled Graduate Center students are eligible to vote.

Please note that only the names of individuals who were nominated and accepted a nomination will appear on the ballot; however, it is not too late to submit names of write-in candidates. Please remember to select the box next to the write-in candidate name if you choose this option. 

If you see no option to vote for a program representative, that means no one in your program accepted a nomination, and therefore no seat was opened. If you would like to petition to open that seat for the coming year, you may still do so at this time; please contact us to begin that process. 

You can see the list of all positions, their descriptions, and duties, as well as eligibility requirements, at

If you have any questions, or any trouble accessing ballots, please contact the Co-Chair for Student Affairs, Elizabeth Che, at