Following the success of previous years’ board game student social nights, the DGSC is running a bi-weekly online board games night for the fall semester.  We hope this will be a chance for students to meet each other, catch up with old colleagues, and work on maintaining the sense of community that makes the Graduate Center such a special place.

Our first Online Board Game Night for the semester will be held Wednesday 16th September, at 7:00pm EDT.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 958 0474 7110
Passcode: DGSCg@mes

We’ll be using the free online board games platform, to play the games, and hosting the night through Zoom. We’ll be running a number of different games via breakout rooms.  If you would like to find out more about BoardGameArena, click here for a direct link to their FAQ.

Please note that you will need a BoardGamesArena account to play!  We’ve checked the site for legitimacy and have “tested” out membership – there are no spam emails or stealth charges involved.  Setting up an account is just a formality to allow you to access the site’s various functions.
Find a sign-up page here.

The Board Games Night will run featured games each night for between 2 and 7 players, of varying complexity.  Below we provide the details of these games, where to learn their rules, and an indication of the complexity and the amount of time needed to play.

You’re also welcome to check out the catalogue here, and let us know if there is a game you’d like us to promote for play on an evening in the future!  If the games we running as specials don’t suit you, drop in anyway and we will try to match you up with other players looking for something different.
Let us know if you are coming, or just drop in on the night!

This Week’s Line Up:

Penny Press


3-5 Players
3/5 Complexity
40-minute playtime.

Step into the shoes of a 19th news editor in Penny Press, a game in which you strive to become the dominant paper in New York City.  Dispatch your journalists to cover real-life New York City news stories and run your competition into the ground!
See the rulebook here.

Not Alone


4-7 Players
3/5 Complexity
Expected Play Time: 40 minutes.

In Not Alone, one to six players attempt to escape the clutches of a monstrous space predator – while one player becomes the predator and hunts them!
You’ll find a video guide to the rules here.
And a copy of the rulebook here.

Room 25


2-6 players
2/5 Complexity
Expected Play Time: 40 minutes.

Trapped in a prison in which each room has four doors but apparently no exit, the players must try to find Room 25, the supposed exit to this nightmare.  But some amongst them might be guardians of the prison, waiting for the right moment to strike. In the cooperative game Room 25, not everyone wants to escape from imprisonment – but who is the traitor?  
See a video review and walkthrough of the game here.
Find a copy of the rulebook here.