The OpenCUNY Board shall determine governance policies for the digital medium while respecting the following priority:

OpenCUNY shall primarily serve Graduate Center students as their general digital medium and as a means of communication regarding their rights and educational, cultural, and professional interests.

The OpenCUNY Board shall be composed of the OpenCUNY Coordinator and four members of All members of the OpenCUNY Board must be registered Graduate Center students and members of Members of the OpenCUNY Board, with the exception of the Coordinators, shall be elected annually by the members of during DSC elections each spring. All members of the OpenCUNY Board, including the Coordinators, shall have equal voting power. If a member misses two consecutive meetings, they will be removed from the board. The OpenCUNY Board shall meet at least twice each semester.

OpenCUNY Advisory Board Members

The current OpenCUNY Advisory Board members for the 2020-2021 academic year are:

Kristen Hackett (OpenCUNY Coordinator)
Laurie Hurson (OpenCUNY Coordinator)
Paul Herbert (OpenCUNY Coordinator)
David Monda (DGSC Representative; )
Raj Korpan (DGSC Representative; )
Chris Hoffman (Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Organization)