The Constitution & Bylaws Committee

  • conducts ongoing review of the constitution and bylaws;
  • recommends amendments to the constitution and bylaws to the DSC; and
  • monitors New York State law and CUNY policies for changes that are relevant to DSC governance.

The voting members of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee consist of

  • the Co-Chair for Student Affairs,
  • the Co-Chair for Communications,
  • the Co-Chair for Business,
  • the Officer for Governance and Membership (chair), and
  • one to four DSC representatives appointed by the Steering Committee.

The Committee can be contacted at

Constitution and Bylaw Committee Members

The current Constitution and Bylaws Committee members for the 2017-2018 academic year are:
Charlotte Thurston (Co-Chair for Student Affairs)
Teresa Ober (Co-Chair for Communications)
Liza Shapiro (Co-Chair for Business)
Allison Parks (Officer for Governance and Membership; Chair)
Kyla Bender-Baird (DSC Representative; Sociology)
Cecilia Salvi (DSC Representative; Anthropology)
Hamad Sindhi (DSC Representative; Sociology)