The Constitution & Bylaws Committee

  • conducts ongoing review of the constitution and bylaws;
  • recommends amendments to the constitution and bylaws to the DSC; and
  • monitors New York State law and CUNY policies for changes that are relevant to DSC governance.

The voting members of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee consist of

  • the Co-Chair for Student Affairs,
  • the Co-Chair for Communications,
  • the Co-Chair for Business,
  • the Officer for Governance and Membership (chair), and
  • one to four DSC representatives appointed by the Steering Committee.

The Committee can be contacted at

Current Members (2016-2017)

Cecilia Salvi (Co-Chair for Student Affairs)
Hamad Sindhi (Co-Chair for Communications)
Liza Shapiro (Co-Chair for Business)
Allison Parks (Officer for Governance and Membership; Chair)
Kyla Bender-Baird (DSC Representative)