EDLAB shall serve as a source of institutional knowledge and guidance for the DSC.  The members of EDLAB shall provide mentorship and advice to members of the DSC, when requested, and advocate for Graduate Center students through formal and informal channels. EDLAB shall have no decision-making power within the DSC.

EDLAB shall consist of up to nine former officers of the DSC. Each year, three members of EDLAB shall be appointed by the Executive Committee prior to the first Plenary meeting, when this selection shall be reported to the DSC. The term of appointment shall be three years, and members may be reappointed for additional terms. After serving three consecutive terms, a member shall be ineligible for appointment for a period of three years.

The duties of EDLAB shall include but not be limited to:

  • maintaining the institutional knowledge of the DSC;
  • advising and mentoring DSC officers and representatives upon request;
  • publicly raising awareness of the DSC and its mission and aims; and
  • advocating for Graduate Center students to the extent possible.

Current Members (2018-2018)

EDLAB Members continuing their final year
Stefanie A. Jones
Jennifer Prince
Chris Alen Sula

EDLAB Members continuing for their second year
Colin P. Ashley
Amy Martin
Hamad Sindhi

EDLAB Members serving their first year
Dominique Nisperos
Charlotte Thurston
Liza Shapiro