The Grants Committee awards funds for cultural events, conferences, performances, professional development activities, publications, seminars, and other projects organized by students from program standing or ad-hoc committees, Chartered Organizations, or ad-hoc groups not necessarily associated with programs or Chartered Organizations.

The voting members of the Grants Committee consist of

  • the Co-Chair for Business,
  • the Officer for Funding (chair) and
  • one to seven DSC representatives appointed by the Steering Committee,

with no more than two committee members from the same program.

Current Members (2016-2017)

Liza Shapiro (Co-Chair for Business)
Javier Otero Peña (Officer for Funding; Chair)
Jennifer Prince (DSC Representative; HLBLL)
Carol Brathwaite (DSC Representative; MALS)
Raj Korpan (DSC Representative; Computer Science)
Ana Perry (DSC Representative; Art History)
Jason Nielsen (DSC Representative; English)