Established by §16.5 of the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, the College Association supervises and reviews budgets supported by Student Activity Fees.

The Graduate School College Association is composed of

  • the President or his/her designee as chair,
  • three administrative members appointed by the President,
  • three faculty members appointed by the President from a panel whose size is twice the number of seats to be filled and the panel is elected by Graduate Council, and
  • the three DSC Co-Chairs, and
  • three students elected from and by the DSC.

Current College Association Student Representatives (2016-17)

Liza Shapiro (DSC Co-Chair)
Cecilia Salvi (DSC Co-Chair)
Hamad Sindhi (DSC Co-Chair)
Jennifer Prince (DSC Representative)
Carlos Camacho (DSC Representative)
Carol Brathwaite (DSC Representative)